Phone Detective Nokia E5

All the tricks and tips provided by hidden tricks is free and registration not required. If you want to receive our latest tips and tricks in your Inbox, Sunscribe free newsletter. to check the software revision of the phones for Nokia phones. the main screen type * # 0000 secret menu # Nokia phone. the main screen type * # 92702689 # [* #war0anty #] takes a secret menu you will find some of the following information: 1. Displays the serial number. 2 shows the date month and year of manufacture 3. Poster (s) where to buy the phone (MMAA) 4. The date of the last reparacion-si is (0000) see 5. life timer see phone settings (time passes since last start) to Nokia factory settings * # 7780 # restore factory settings. Take a picture phone detective nokia e5 without getting noticed. Activate / deactivate the audible click is made of the camera by selecting the silent profile or warning notes. Hide your mobile phone number go to the: Menu > tools > settings > call > Send caller ID > Yes, no, or network to follow the default settings on your home network. With very little network, offer simple dial private contacts number SIMcard speed (not stored mobile directory) type number followed of # and call. Example: # 1 or tips mobile #View # 2-21 and guidelines for better management of GSM. Caller's Exchange closed group (settings > security settings > user groups) to 00000 and your phone will sound the message tone when you are near a radar speed trap. The phone is upgraded to 500 shops 2 trigger outputs cause alarm. If you can handle the unexpected, try this secret material. Note: This secret trick does not work with all models of mobile phones. Activate the automatic answer in the profile of the telephone's handset and adjust the volume of the ring tone silent. Left right and midfielder short circuit pins on the bottom of the phone with all connections, which as a whole, is to allow to the helmet in profile. If you can stop the headset with the phone connected. Now, put them under a table in a room and a call. Now you can phone to check what people in a room talking. Call by phone. .