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Detective branch divided into most major police agencies in different groups or departments, each specializing in a particular type of crime or of a particular type of secret operation, which may include: manslaughter; Theft; Theft; Carjacking; organised crime; missing persons; Juvenile delinquency; scam; Addictive substances; Vice; criminal intelligence; Assault/battery; sexual violence; Cybercrime; domestic violence; Monitoring; (e) fire, among others. In some countries the detective acknowledged the practice courts and judicial procedures. Is a country of Portugal, where all its importance loses the evidence adduced, whether collected by a private investigator. Even in this case, the exercise of this activity has seen and governed by a code of conduct. Investigators have a variety of techniques, in the execution of the research available. However, most cases have been resolved with the interrogation of the suspect and the questioning of witnesses, takes time. In addition to questioning, detectives may rely on a network of informers years grew. Informants often have connections to people who could not meet officially a detective. Preservation and collection to demonstrate it also can help to identify possible suspects. Criminal investigation: the investigation of illegal activity is carried out by the police. Criminal activities can continue with the use of faster, highway driving, alcohol or drug issues, fraud, theft, assault, etc. hang together. If the police continue their investigation is complete the decision to accuse someone of a crime, often produced lawyer after reviewing the evidence of the police. Criminal investigations once a detective has suspects in mind, the next step is triggered by evidence in court. The best way is to find a suspect's confession; Typically, this is done through the preparation of reports and sometimes collects free phone detective online information in return through the Office of the Prosecutor, as a reduced sentence in Exchange for information that can be used. Detectives may lie, cheat and psychologically make a suspect in an admission or confession, as pressure in the process and without the threat of violence or promises that are beyond his control. Legal evidence that can provide an investigation leads to close a case. Forensic Science (often shortened to forensics) is the application of a broad spectrum of Sciences to answer questions of interest to the legal system. Maybe it's a crime or a civil action. Many great jobs in a town, State police, maintain their forensic laboratories. Detectives can use public and private folders to provide general information about a topic. Detectives, police may search the files of fingerprint records. Police records of persons, offences committed. Detective can criminal documents arrests and convictions, photos or images of people detained and search records of motor vehicles. Police detective can also by credit card and account statements, information for the recruitment, signals with a search warrant looking for credit, answer machine messages, phone calls, used images from cameras that monitor and communication technology. Before becoming a policeman, you need a Police Academy to visit, sixteen to twenty four units of the University in criminal justice system or the administration of the criminal justice system provide the agent to an educational foundation. A graduate of the Police Academy, the agent undergoes training with a field training officer, for a period of time, by the law enforcement agency determines, and carry on like a trial period from 1 up to two years. During the trial period the administrator is responsible for evidence. Meanwhile monitors Constable and led by a Sergeant with years of experience. Some agents continue to achieve graduation to attend a college or a University, a master's degree in criminal justice or the administration of the criminal justice system two years or four years. Universities have options for a certificate or concentration in a special field of criminal investigation. Through years of training, completion, can take part in a recruitment competition, test their knowledge, skills, and relationships, in connection with the criminal investigation police, criminal law, interview and interrogation, search and seizure, collect and preserve evidence, investigations, criminal law, Court procedures and testimony to the Court. There are contests of some officials. Test set, is provided by the Department a list of results. Some or all of the officers on the list for the detective are promoted at the discretion of the Department. Some departments have types of detectives, to increase the rank of detective after a successful experience. Private investigators are licensed in the State in which they work. Some States require no license, but most States. In addition to candidates for State licensed private investigators must meet strict requirements include education, a series of two-four years experience in full-time research and the success of a criminal background check and civilians led by State investigators. Private investigators are authorized to perform civil and criminal investigations of the State are authorized. You are protected by the laws of the State, which are entitled. In the States, licensed, there are laws, so that there is one for each person carried out criminal investigations unless you are approved by the State or excluded by law become illegal (i.e. police officers or agents, lawyers, research associate, claims representatives),. .